Sue Cibulka

Sue Cibulka

  • I am a representational/impressionist style artist who paints primarily in oils.  Employing an impasto technique, my artistic passion lies in color and texture.

    With each new painting, I learn so much about myself.  My art skills strengthen and grow on a daily basis. That’s great but, more importantly, my painting has forced me to be a stronger person—more brave, more confident and more perseverant.

    While my work does not make strong social or political statements, I do try to make a strong personal statement.  I try to inspire viewers with the beauty of the world around us.  Using nature’s inspiration and vibrant color, my paintings come alive with the movement of wave and wind, the excitement of sunset skies and the quiet of woodlands and prairies.

    I am inspired by artists like Klimt and Van Gogh, as well as the Impressionist and Post-Impressionists.  I try to convey their sense of artistic freedom and use of color and movement in all my paintings.

    I am a member of The Arts Mill co-op in Grafton, Wisconsin. I live in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with my husband and three children.

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    • Member, Cedarburg Artists Guild
    • Member, Cedarburg Cultural Center
    • Member, Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA)
    • Member, Wisconsin Regional Artists Association
    • Member, The Arts Mill co-op