Adrian Spinks

Adrian Spinks – Photographer

Born and lived most of my life in the UK, more recently started to migrate to the USA and hope to be here full time next year sometime, in the meantime ill continue to travel back and forth.

Photography has been a hobby of mine on and off for most of my life, in my early school days developing black and white prints at lunchtime in a make shift darkroom.  I had my first SLR as a teenager (still 35mm film in those days!) and I enjoyed experimenting with lighting, angles and exposures getting mixed results but good fun! Then transferred onto digital during the 90’s and have had a range of cameras…Pentax, Nikon, several Canons and most recently I have settled on Fuji as my camera of choice.

Originally I trained as a draughtsman in the old fashioned way using paper and pencils, this instilled in me a love of perspective hopefully this can be seen in some of my images.

I enjoy landscape photography and portraiture.

I have travelled extensively, currently I have visited 44 countries and hope to add another 2 or 3 next year, many of my images are from these travels.

I have been featured in exhibitions in London and across the UK also Paris, Louvre Museum and New York, Time Square (both digital exhibits) as well as various galleries and exhibitions here in Wisconsin.

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You can find Adrian’s work at our Gallery