Marta Gwizdala

Marta Gwizdala

Artist’s vision

“Marta captures the mystery and beauty of her Slavic roots in her nostalgic depictions of the Polish wilderness and folklore. She combines impressionist acrylic painting with sculpture and epoxy to capture the mystery and beauty of nature, as a homesick love letter to the fairy tales of her homeland.

When she’s not busy pouring epoxy and covering the kitchen floor with glitter, she doubles as a wedding makeup artist emphasizing Slavic and French makeup styles.” – Marta’s husband

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Marta Gwizdala, I was born in 1996 and I recently moved from Poland to USA. Flowers, mermaids, animals, nature and cakes are my jam! The glitter effect on the painting is real, it is not a filter 😊. My technique is mixed media: epoxy, resin, acrylic, sculpture and more. Style: impressionist, fantasy, fairytale, folklore. 

I have been painting since I was four years old and studied art all the way through 19 years of age and later volunteered to teach kids how to paint in the very same programs where I was trained. When I was 12 years old, I won a painting competition and was awarded a trip to Paris for a painting that I made of the old town in Warsaw. This award meant a lot to me, as a trip to Paris, from the recently post-Communist Poland, was difficult to get in those times. Thanks to my wonderful father, I was able to obtain a hard-to-get passport and start my journey towards my dreams as an artist. Whilst I was completing an internship in Chicago for my master’s degree in International Relations, I grew fascinated with the USA and the American way of life. I also fell in love with my now husband here in the USA (which is, in of itself, a wonderful romantic story for another day), who wholeheartedly supported my growth as an artist here. We just recently moved from Chicago to Cedarburg and have been living here for the past two years. Here I also started my business as a make-up artist for weddings and other special occasions. Powdering in Garconniere, LLC makeup artist.

My calling is to find the beauty in every character. For me, beauty is the strange, unique, innermost mystery of a subject, that brings out the emotions of nostalgia and wonder. In my painting, I tell stories, fairytales, legends. I have always been seeking to capture this storytelling in my artwork, be it my poetry, makeup, or especially my paintings. I was inspired by numerous artists, both known and recent, along the way, and especially by those with surreal and impressionist works. There is a joy in combining classic techniques like acrylic painting and sculpture with more modern materials like epoxy and color shifting paint.


What makes my paintings unique?

Who am I and what do I do? Come see my paintings and see the fairy tales portrayed therein. My paintings evoke a sense of nostalgia, an idealistic, homesick love letter to a home left behind, with the fantastical elements we tie to our homes as children. These paintings are meant to capture the way immigrants remember the homes they leave as children: idealistic, beautiful, but also mysterious… like a distant, fantastical memory. In my paintings, I combine the rolling green landscapes of my Slavic homeland with the folklore elements found therein. The titles of my paintings are often a play on words, to underline the playful, childlike nature of these portrayals. With these works, I strive to bring comfort to those who miss home and capture their imaginations with a visual sense of awe and longing.  

My paintings are unique due to their hard texture; they are heavy, and will not bend easily; they have a high gloss and strong glitter effect. The incredible effects are made from epoxy resin; different shades of blue in the morning sun, direct sun, afternoon, night, natural light, etc.; very intense glitter when sun shines on it; hard gloss epoxy, nice to the touch, with a mirror/water effect; unique technique.

Please take into consideration that my art has a very intense glitter and epoxy effect. These effects are best captured under indirect sunlight, like when placed close to a window. Due to the sculpted and epoxy elements, these works are slightly heavier than your average painting, but can hang on a wire without any problems. I encourage people to walk back and forth in front of my work to see the color-shifting effect added to it. Many of these works also have glow-in-the-dark elements, so that they can continue to inspire at nighttime. If you visit my Instagram page, @margwizart, you can see the color shifting effects on these paintings. There are no filters added – all of the effects are real! But even the videos don’t do the paintings justice; they are best appreciated in person.  


My work can also be found at several places:

  • Cedarburg Artist Guild 

Located inside the Cedarburg Cultural Center (CCC)

W62 N546 Washington Avenue, Cedarburg, WI 53012 


  • Java Dancer Coffee Bar and Café

1333 WI-175 Suite B, Hubertus, WI 53033

(262) 628-4771

  • Grafton Coffee Roastery, first floor

1300 14th Ave, Grafton, WI 53024


Contact for purchase or commission: 

Main contact via Galleries, e-mail, or phone:

Phone: 773-869-2683


Instagram: @margwizart

Tik tok: margwizart

Facebook: Margwizart

Makeup FB: Powdering in Garconniere Makeup & Makeup Instagram:  @powderingingarconniere


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