Micki High

Micki High

  • When first exposed to Oil and Cold Wax paintings, Micki found that all the atmospheric and abstract realism that she admired in oils was attainable in this new-to-her media.She was excited as she began testing methods, asking questions of her pieces, finding answers, pushing herself to find her voice.

    Words are begun often with broad strokes of colour, the panel eventually fills in, and nuances and variation in shape sizes, colours, rectilinear lines and organic shapes begin to emerge. There is an interplay between colours and expression; occasionally, sections of a piece are covered over and renewed.

    Her artistic voice is sometimes objective, other times intuitive, or yet again symbolic. Micki finds that her intuition guides and pulls the piece together. Her work reflects her curiosity and willingness to be open to the mysteries we encounter, striving to be open-ended and opposed to literal, positing questions or suggesting a story through her work.

    Micki participates in various art shops throughout the year, has been juried into shows in galleries, and has been awarded prizes for her work.

    Contact: micki.high.artist@gmail.com