Valorie Schleicher

Spring Collection

Stop in at the Mill and see New Art from Valorie’s Spring Collection

Beautiful wall hangings of Prairie Cone Flowers and Iris. These hangings have a pocket in them to hold your mail or notes.

Latest News

Valorie Schleicher Arts Mill Artisan has released large format prints from Italy and Ireland new year. Three of which debuted at the Global Fusion Event this past weekend.

The images are 16×20″ and 18×24″ matted in a white with a solid dark wood frame. The titled, signed and numbered prints of Solanto Gardens 16×20″and The Fisherman’s Church view, framed and matted at 18×24; taken in Solanto Sicily.

Ireland Gardens shows the green lush garden of Ireland and a thatched roof cottage. This is the first time the images from Ireland will be released in large format. These are prints taken while doing a Arts residency program in Bally Vaughn Ireland, where Valorie was one of 18 Artists chosen to do a portrait of a small village in Ireland.

All three are available for viewing in the Gallery at the Arts Mill.
Look for more from this series to be released this year. All of the fine art photography prints are available at various sizes, matted and framing options are available at the Grafton Mill.

Spring Collection Spring Collection
Cookies and Cream

"Cookies and Cream"

Strong Woman Series

Valorie is also working on the finishing touches of a sculpture; working title “Cookies and Cream”; It is a life size garden sculpture of two women back to back. “It’s final resting place I imagine is imagined in a garden where when you enter and the woman is gazing at you welcoming you to the space and place, however as you leave you see the other side, another woman who’s gaze is looking off in a moment of contemplation and reflection.” Val explained “it’s like when you get lost in a moment of a thought or day dream, beckoning you to ponder what is she thinking.” The sculpture was modeled after two women Tina and Jen frequent women shown in Valorie’s Strong Woman Series releases in 2010.


I am a  Wisconsin Artist whose works hang in homes and businesses across the United States and Italy. As a young girl I sketched trees and landscapes and knew I would try every medium of art before I settled into clay. As an adult having experienced each of these mediums I have chosen both photography and sculpture to express my Art. I have a number of ribbons that run through my Life and Art; my passion for Community, Kids, and Culture.

My path as an artist has pulled these ribbons together. It is a journey that has evolved over time and incorporates all of these – sculpture for public places, design, the love of life, nature and her community; the joy that comes from teaching and being with and supporting kids, family and young Artisans.

I celebrate my culture through history and the ancient glaze used in my works of Art. The glaze technique I use are created by hand and are known as Maiolica or Majolica one of the first glazes known to man and used since 700 BC. I am an artist that takes note of people, time, place, bring meaning to these as I share with others. I am an Artist that lives my Art.

I am a Graduate Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design,  and hold BFA Degrees in  Sculpture & Communication Design;  and a Business degree from Cardinal Stritch University

My works can be seen online at, Saatchi-Saatchi in the UK and at My Art Space in NYC I also organizes a number of community Art events that brings art into the streets for everyone to enjoy.  I recently started Buy Local Art Wisconsin .com a on-line based web site that puts people directly in touch with Artists-Galleries-Resources for the world to reach Wisconsin based Artisans and Artisan Services.;  I was honored in 2009 as one of Wisconsin’s 412 Cultural assets as a Wisconsin Artisan.

For more information on Valerie Schleicher, download her education/awards/exhibitions/press information here.