Ruthie Hoctor


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in fine art and a focus in painting and drawing.  Though I do work with oils, acrylic, and watercolor, my discipline seems to sing most in drawing. I am most partial to using ink, graphite, handmade paper, and pastels.

Post graduation I had the opportunity to have a year residency at RedLine, a studio and gallery in Milwaukee, WI.  While in residency I learned how to make handmade paper and was able to explore several printmaking techniques.  I also instructed several workshops on screen printing, book binding, and papermaking.

I am currently living in Grafton with my husband and growing family. Besides raising my little ones and keeping active with my studio work, I also work for an award company doing portraiture. The portraits require a tightness and high attention to detail which I very much enjoy breaking away from in my studio work.  I like to keep my own work raw and loose rather than tight and highly detailed.  I prefer to think that this is the way our human nature truly is; raw and earthy rather than rigidly perfect.