Renee Mitchell


I have always loved art and I have enjoyed creating art in some way, shape or form.   I am particularly fond of flowers, nature and old trucks.  I always like the composition part of creating a painting:  what makes this picture look great?  I love photography and some of my paintings come from my own photos.

I have worked with acrylics since high school.  Another love of mine is pen and ink, particularly using the technique of pointillism.  Several years ago I took a class and learned zentangling which I have incorporated into most of my ink drawings.  In the past year, I have tried several different mediums and I enjoy painting now with water base oil paint.  I have also done watercolor and sometimes hop around in all these wonderful mediums.  It keeps me excited and exploring!

I like that my paintings, ink drawings and photographs are reminders of a time of year, or a place I visited, or of quiet time I had in my studio.  I’m often just wrapped up in the completion of a new painting (maybe with an unfamiliar medium), and the feeling of accomplishment.