Micki High

When she first was exposed to Cold Wax painting, Micki found that all the atmospheric and abstract realism that she admired in oils was attainable in this new-to-her media. All bets were off as she dove into this art form, testing methods, finding answers, asking questions of her pieces, pushing herself to find her voice. Works are begun often with broad strokes of colour, the panel is eventually filled in, and nuances and variation in shape sizes, colours, geometric lines and organic shapes slowly begin to emerge. There is a constant interplay, a back-and-forth, between colours and expression; occasionally, sections of a work are covered over and begun afresh if there is a rift between the feeling that has been emerging and if the outward expression has lost its way.

Once introduced to encaustic, she discovered a means to draw together various artistic explorations; thus, it is common to find rusty 3D objects and hand rusted or dyed fabrics of silk, cotton, or organza in her encaustic pieces.  Her artistic voice is sometimes objective, other times intuitive, or yet again symbolic. Inspired by Nature, personal memories, relationships, social themes, and found objects, Micki finds it will often be the found object itself that tells her what to do with it; holding a piece in her hands or just looking at it, she feels the story and then she sets to work, often without a specific final look in mind. The piece will evolve as she works and as her intuition manifests.

Regardless the influence or medium, Micki’s work reflects her curiosity and willingness to be open to the mysteries we encounter on tiny or grand scales. She strives to be open-ended as opposed to literal, positing questions or suggesting a story through her work in order to evoke various responses from the viewer and from herself.