Erik Manley


86DBFBCE-5B6F-41C3-84EB-33B0B7DD1E9EErik, a Milwaukee native, moved to Chicago to study Information systems at DePaul University.  After completing his masters, he worked as a software developer, business analyst and project manager in Chicago.

Erik began his artistic endeavor late in life.  He took courses in Chicago, Illinois at the Harold Washington College in 2004-2005, which introduced him to photography at the age of 38.  While working in Information Technology, Erik began to find great interest and joy in photography.

Erik showed his work at a few coffee shops in Chicago, which he felt were a success, having sold several pieces during this time.  After a time, Erik felt the rewards of a potential career in art outweighed the benefits of a life in IT, so he moved to Wisconsin and soon found himself at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for a time.

Currently practicing self-study in photography, Erik likes to travel to different locations in Wisconsin and photograph using new techniques and skills combined with natural light.

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