Sheri Mabry (Bestor)

Sheri enjoys being creative in many forms — from writing fiction and non-fiction.. to creating jewelry.. to painting.. to yoga.  Stop by the arts mill for a yoga class or to see the artists at work that inspire Sheri.


     Sheri’s most recent publications are, “Good Trick, Walking Stick“, “Substance Abuse, the Ultimate Teen Guide,” and “The Mindfulness Journal, Peaces of my Day.”  Her books can be purchased at the Arts Mill.


Sheri’s beautiful landscapes conjure up feelings of calm and peace.

Moon Tide Design.  A natural look, made from natural products like smooth lake rocks, hemp string, crystals and leather, each piece is unique and one of a kind. Every piece of jewelry infused with the intention of peace and unity; of the elements of life combined.  I hope when you wear a Moon Tide Design, you’ll feel the peace of earth’s simple beauty.  Moon Tide Designs are sold exclusively at the Arts Mill Boutique in Grafton Wisconsin.


Balancing Arts Studio

Balancing Arts Studio is unified as a cooperative effort of independent yoga instructors bringing their unique yogic backgrounds to the mat; offering a variety of services in the movement, healing and holistic arts.