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A place.  A space.  A community.

Balancing Arts yoga studio

Located in the beautiful historic Arts Mill Gallery on the river.

Instructor: Sheri Mabry (Bestor), RYT (

Balancing Arts - Yoga Class

Sheri Bestor

Yoga.  Reiki.  Somatics.  Still Water Ayurveda.  Massage.   Sound Therapy.  Be-Well Energy Sessions.  Yoga Nidra Privates.  Groups.  Guest Speakers.  Workshops.  Well Being Store.  And More.

Located on the 3rd floor of the Arts Mill.  Please enter through blue door on the side of the building.  1300, 14th Ave. Grafton WI.












Silent Night

December 20,2018. 6:30-7:30pm
A special evening hosted by Balancing Arts Studio, celebrating the seasons’ move towards peace…

Our candle lit yoga class will begin with gentle warm up movements. We’ll then experience deep-stretch poses to rejuvenate. We’ll move into a guided relaxation that will conclude with the soothing and healing sounds of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, a gong bath and individual Reiki. Class will end as we join together in silence with a powerful peace meditation.

7:30pm: Relax, socialize and celebrate the joyful season with friends of Balancing Arts Studio. A place. A space. A community.

Self-investment: $15.00. Please pre-register at the studio or mail info and fee by December 15th.  Space is limited, so register early. Call or text Sheri with questions. 262-719-4633. Everyone is invited to bring a healthy dish or healthy drink to share.

To register for any or all events, fill out the form, leave info. and fee in the studio or the black mailbox outside of the studio, or mail to: 1300, 14th Ave., Studio 311, Grafton WI 53024, or Venmo: @Sheri-Mabry-1



Be-Well Energy Sessions


Join us for one of our private, Be-Well Energy Sessions! A dynamic fusion of multi-modalities that work with vibrations to initiate the body’s natural healing response. Sound therapy, Reiki, and Vibroacustics are just a part of this relaxing session. 

The Be-Well Ultimate Om Attunement Session: This session is a combination of ancient and modern healing modaitlies that provide the ultimate relaxing, rebalancing, and rejuvenating experience. At a minimum, each session includes sound therapy (tuning forks, sound wave chair, Tibetan and Crystal Singing bowls, gong bath, etc.) vibroacoustic mat, and Reiki. Self-Investment: $70; Approximately 60 minutes

The Be-Well So Ham Attunement Session: Time constraints? A concentrated session for those in need of a harmonizing experience. Enjoy a sampling of the modalities listed in the Ultimate Om, minus Reiki. Self-Investment: $35, approximately 20 minutes.

“When I learned that Sheri was doing vibracoustic (sound and energy) therapy sessions, I signed up!  Now I call it “sonic massage” because, as a practitioner and teacher of massage therapy, I understand the therapeutic benefits of balancing the mind and body on a deep cellular level. Turns out that the research for Sound Energy healing  has  shown many of the same remarkable results from reducing anxiety, pain, heart rate, blood pressure , healing time as well as balancing circulation,  immune response, and brain wave activity. My own personal experience supports those claims! Comfortable, safe, noninvasive, and very effective.” BS