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A place.  A space.  A community.

Balancing Arts yoga studio

Located in the beautiful historic Arts Mill Gallery on the river.

Instructor: Sheri M. Bestor, RYT (

Balancing Arts - Yoga Class

Sheri Bestor

Joyful Spring!
We welcome you to the studio. Our classes are held in the beautiful third floor Arts Mill art gallery, and on  gently warm days, yoga and meditation are held on the outdoor nature yoga deck next to the river. Peaceful and beautiful…we hope you will join us.
On behalf of the studio, we are honored and grateful to be a part of your practice and look forward to seeing you!


In addition to the Reiki, Ayurveda, Meditation, Thai Yoga, Private Yoga, and Mindfulness sessions, new to the studio: Health Coaching and Reflexology!

Stop in the boutique on the second floor to purchase well being related items and art to help inspire you.

A soothing Yoga Nidra session is available to purchase and download on the website for those times you aren’t able to make it to class.

We are continuously striving to offer high quality, educational and inspirational offerings to the community. We are happy that we are able to keep the cost of our classes reasonable. Self-investment- Drop in classes are $11 and multi-class passes of four or more are $10 per class.

Consider joining, “Yoga Trail-Follow Your Yoga” (free) .  We are listed under “Balancing Arts Studio.”

Yoga.  Reiki.  Somatics.  Still Water Ayurveda.  Massage.  Yoga Nidra Privates.  Groups.  Guest Speakers.  Workshops.  Well Being Store.  And More.

Located on the 3rd floor of the Arts Mill.  Please enter through blue door on the side of the building.  1300, 14th Ave. Grafton WI.



Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm, May 1,8,15,22 – Classic Yoga guided by Sheri

Tuesdays, 8:10-8:45am, May – see studio schedule for updates – Live Your Light Meditation

Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30pm – see studio schedule for updates – Teen Yoga & a Smoothie, guided by Laura.

Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30am, May 3,10,17,24,31 – Classic yoga guided by Sheri

Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm, May 3 (once per month) Yoga Nidra, Somatics + Meditation guided by Sheri

Wednesday,6:30-7:30pm, May 17 Explore Somatics, Guided by Barrie Springhetti

Thursday 12:00- 12:45pm Community Meditation, opening with Tibetan yoga rites, guided by Rae

Fridays, 11:30-12:30pm, May – see studio schedule for updates, Mindful Slow Flow Yoga guided by Laura

Fridays, 4:30-5:30pm, May – see studio schedule for updates, Kids Yoga guided by Laura

Saturdays, 8:30-9:30am, May- see studio schedule for updates, Bahkti Yoga guided by Mary Rickert

Note: Whitney will be back in June teaching her yoga and yoga/Ayurvedic classes.


Surrender to Stillness

An Evening of Release – experience the combination of Thai yoga, Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Meditation.

Wednesday, April 26, 6:30-7:30 pm

Cultivate a sense of tranquility and relaxation in this small group setting through the combined powers of Thai yoga, restorative yoga, Reiki and meditation. During this special evening, you will be guided through a slow series of restorative poses, using props and breathing techniques to gently invite your body into complete rest. At key points during the practice, you will experience Thai- where you will receive hands on assists to deepen the stretch and release blockages you may be hanging onto. Reiki energy will be fused into the practice as well. This combination nurtures your full Self, fostering equilibrium of the mind, body and spirit.  

Join us-it’s a wonderful way to unwind…

Self Investment-$15.00

Guided by: Sheri, ERYT, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, Thai Yoga 1 Certified.

You must pre-register/pre-pay for this event.  Limited to 5 participants only.

To register: Mail info. and fee to: Balancing Arts Studio, 1300, 14th Ave. Suite E. Grafton WI 53024. Or drop it off in the drop box on the third floor studio.

1300, 14th Ave, Suite E, Grafton WI 53024. (or drop payment at the studio on the third floor.)


Welcome Guest Instructor, Ryan Hader!

Bandhas and Mantras (full spectrum, all levels)

Guided by: Ryan Hader

Saturday, May 27, 11:30-1:30pm

Self-Investment: $30. You must pre-register to attend

To register: Mail info. and fee to: Balancing Arts Studio, 1300, 14th Ave. Suite E. Grafton WI 53024. Or drop it off in the drop box on the third floor studio.

Participants will learn and practice the Alignment of foundation, dynamic muscular activation, as well as balanced energetic action as applied in all yoga poses and movements. Our medium is the practical application of Bandhas (body locks), Mantras (Sanskrit Sounds used to still the mind), Pranayam (the yoga of breathing), as well as breath retention within the space of yoga postures. Ryan’s inspiring and uplifting delivery consists of the most effective techniques discovered in his 12 years of study. You will come into direct contact with your subtle energy system, resulting in profound healing and quantum transformation. Ryan will also share a guided meditation with a live musical mantra savasana. A class designed for anyone looking to mobilize the energy in their body through yoga. This offering is sure to light your fire, clear your mind and open your heart!

W H O  I S  R Y A N ?

Ryan Hader has been transforming lives and promoting the emergence of the authentic self for over a decade nationwide. Through the mediums of sharing interactive Kirtan music experiences, teaching dynamic yoga classes, facilitating Higher Brain Living sessions, Thai Yoga Massage and the sharing and teaching of Reiki, Ryan’s mission is to help you discover your greatness! As an energy activist, Ryan is here to keep you from playing small in your life. His message is of the practical application of self love for quantum change. Ryan speaks to the science of awakening as well as the spirit and is an educated and grounded teacher, healer, and guide who only speaks from direct experience. Ryan’s journey has been one of healing and energetic understanding from birth, as he was born to deaf parents. Because of this, the language he was raised on was one of voice projection, facial expression, as well as hand and body gestures with crystal clear annunciation. Being a child of deaf adults, Ryan acquired the skill of reading people to hear them, he listens not only to what they say, but how they say it and has the unique ability to see into the hearts of whomever is near him. This ability has left Ryan with the exact skill set for being an effective and engaging teacher and speaker, as well as being able to effectively guide seekers of all levels to and through life’s obstacles. His guidance consistently results in profound life transformations, healing, and vertical growth in Mind, Body, Relationships and Environment, also known as the 4 dimensions on the Human Experience. Ryan Hader is an agent of positive change, a celebrator of of the heart who holds a true passion for fierce awakening. Ryan’s guidance is creating Authentic Living through Personal Transformation!



More at our studio:

Ayurveda Practices



Thai Yoga

Health Coaching

Private Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Somatics Sessions

The Bemer Technology

Far Infrared Sauna

Group Yoga, meditation, somatics

Private: Reiki and Reflexology for Complete Relaxation

Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique from Japan that can also promote healing. Reiki treats the whole person leaving them feeling relaxed, peaceful, secure and with a feeling of well being. Reflexology is an application of pressure to areas of the hands and feet, that correlate to areas of the body to stimulate natural healing. The combination of Reiki and Reflexology is administered on a natural jade and tourmaline negative ions heat and energy therapy healing pad. Practitioner: Sheri Bestor, Reiki MA, Reflexology certified

Practitioner: Sheri Bestor

Self Investment:  $70 for a full session (approx. an hour)

Private Energy Session-Reiki and Bemer

Bemer technology, using pulsed electromagnetic impulses, can be used for the prevention and complementary treatment of dis-ease that is lead by an improvement in microcirculation. It can  enhance blood flow, nutrient and oxygen supply, waste disposal, cardiac function, endurance, energy, concentration, and mental acuity.

Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique from Japan that can also promote healing. Reiki treats the whole person leaving them feeling relaxed, peaceful, secure and with a feeling of well being. Practitioner: Sheri Bestor

Opportunity to Become Involved: Are you a yoga instructor, a well being practitioner, therapist or coach? Become a part of our community. For more information, call Sher, 262-719-4633

Balancing Arts works cooperatively with North Shore Academy of the Arts, a not-for-profit 501-c3.