Stoop Kids Showcase and Magazine Fundraiser (November 8)




Showcase & Magazine Fundraiser event

Saturday, November 8th – 7pm

at the Arts Mill

Stoop Kids is a Milwaukee art collective dedicated to providing a platform and setting to showcase local art and design.  Stoop Kids is in the midst of producing their first issue of Cross Connection, a self published art and culture magazine highlighting new and exciting ideas coming out of Milwaukee.  The magazine will feature: artists interviews, stories and unique collaborations.  This magazine will serve as Stoop Kids’ main means of engaging with the community; not only will it allow for our voice to travel and be heard, all sales from the magazine go towards funding more elaborate projects in the future.  Stoop Kids is looking for financial support to get the project off the ground.

Join us for a showcase of work from up and coming artists and designers in Milwaukee, along with handcrafted items for sale.