Art on the Spot event at Bayshore (April 26 + 27)

Come join us Saturday, April 26th and become a part of the creative excitement at Bayshore Town Center!


Pick up your canvas, find a spot to settle with your paints and easel to create a scene of Bayshore Town Center.
Paint on site and on the spot!  Everyone is encouraged to participate.
Paintings must be turned in by 5pm on Sunday, April 27th.
To learn more about this fundraiser and creative opportunity please visit
Or call us at 262-377-3516

Rule 1:  Artists must pre-register for a canvas at

Rule 2:  Canvases are $20 each, and you may order more than 1

Rule 3:  Artists must pick up a stamped, 11x 14 canvas at The Bayshore Rotunda 10-2pm, April 26th.  There will be a very limited supply of canvas for sale on that date, for those who have not pre-registered.  It is advised to pre-register.  

Rule 4:  All pieces must be painted on premise between 10 am April 26th – 5:00 pm April 27th.

Rule 5: All ages are encouraged to participate.

Rule 6:  Pieces cannot exceed the perimeter of the canvas.

Rule 7:  Completed pieces must be dropped off at the Bayshore Rotunda by 5pm on April 27th.

Art work will then be on preview at Bayshore Town Center for a 3-week public silent auction.


Sunday, May 18th 4-6pm– Show Opening and Auction
Canvases will be auctioned off at a starting point of $30 per canvas.
Artists will retain 70% of the sale, 30% NSAA a non-profit arts organization.

Register early; there will be limited canvases.