24 Hour Art Show (January 17-18, 2020)

You’ve got 24 hours to create your masterpiece!


Rule 1: The piece must be created in 24 hours.

Rule 2: All pieces must be on the canvases picked up at the Arts Mill

Rule 3: Pieces cannot exceed the perimeter of the canvas.

Rule 4: Pieces must be dry and ready to hang.

– – – – – – – – – –

Canvas pick up date: Friday, January 17 (11am-7pm) at Arts Mill

Canvas drop-off: Saturday, January 18 (11am-7pm) at Arts Mill

Show Opening and Auction: Saturday, January 25 from 7-9pm at Arts Mill
Canvases will be auctioned off at a starting point of $30 per canvas.

Artists retain 80% of the sale.

$15 for the first canvas, and $10 for each additional submission.
Sign up online or in person at NSAA’s Arts Mill: 

Register early –  There will be a limited number of canvases.



1 canvas ($15)

2 canvases ($25)

3 canvases ($35)