Wisconsin Regional Art Exhibit (May 11th – July 13th)

Wisconsin Regional Art Program - Exhibit - May 11th - July 13, 2013

We are pleased to announce this sixty-three year old program for Wisconsin Artisans is coming to the NSAA Grafton Arts Mill; 1300 14th Ave Grafton WI. 53024.

The entrance, artwork drop-off, exhibit and workshop of Regional Wisconsin Artists will take place from May 11th – July 13th 2013. The Award winners will be going to the State Exhibition in Madison in August/September 2013.

Opening Reception: June 7th from 6-8 pm the Historic Arts Mill 1300 14th Ave, Grafton WI 53024 (Third floor Gallery)

Valorie Schleicher

Valorie Schleicher - “Strong Woman Series: Contentment; Lori”, stoneware Majolica Ness-Wood Sculpture Award

Important Dates:

  • Entry and Paperwork due: 5/11/2013
  • Artwork due: 5/18/2012 10 am-12 pm 
  • Opening Reception: 6/7/2013 6-8pm
  • Workshop: July 13th – 9:30 am welcome; 10 am workshop starts.
Drop-Off Day:  May 18th 2013 10 am to 12 pm.   Bring your artwork to the second floor of the NSAA Arts Mill, 1300 14th Ave, Grafton WI 53024.
Exhibit Start/End Days:  June 7th, 2013 through July 13th 2013
Judging:  The exhibit will be judged during the first two weeks of the exhibit.  An artwork for one-third of the artists will receive a State Exhibit Award that will make their selected work eligible for entry in the statewide exhibit in Madison in August & September.  One-half of the remaining artists will be awarded an Honorable Mention.  Award recipients will be publicized in local news media. Keep in mind that only one work of each artist can receive an award, regardless of the number of works the artist submits. Keep in mind that only one work of each artist can receive an award, regardless of the number of works the artist submits.
Art worksJurying Information can be found in the Artists Info Section below.
Reception: June 7th 6-8 pm the Historic Arts Mill 1300 14th Ave, Grafton WI. 53024
Third floor Gallery  Workshop and Pick-up Day: July 13th 9:30 am – 2 p.m.
Workshop Day: Workshop Topic TBA
Arrive: 9:30-10 am
Workshop: 10 am to 12 pm
Lunch: 12 pm -1 pm
Juror: 1-2 pm (Judge TBA)
As customary, the exhibit judge will meet with artists and workshop participants to share his comments and critique of this year’s artwork.  Artists will take their artwork with them at the conclusion of the workshop.

The workshop is open to the public—$5 fee for non-exhibitors.

Thank you for participating in this year’s WRAP exhibit!  If you have questions or need additional information, please call or email me.
Workshop Sponsor: NSAA Arts Mill
Coordinators: Paula Christensen & Valorie Schleicher
WRAP Grafton Arts Mill: 1300 14th Ave Grafton WI. 53024
Questions please call Val at 414-771-8541 or email at applyfineart@vlsculptures.com.

To the Artist: Rules of Participation / Juried Art works

• The artwork entered must be ORIGINAL in concept and design.
• It must have been done by the person signing it.
• Copies of published or copyrighted photos or patterns cannot get awards.
• Copies of photographs made with the photographer’s/Artists permission are OK.
• Giclées or reproduced images of other media are not allowed.
• Digital Photographs or art made on a computer are OK.
• No commercially packaged kits are acceptable.
• Paintings made as copies during a teacher’s demonstration are NOT eligible.
• Work must have been completed within the last two years.
• Artworks must be suitable for viewing by all ages in a public space.
• Artists are aged 14 and older.


Each artist may enter a total of three artworks in any media or mixed media:
Painting: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor
Graphics: Drawing, Prints, Pastel, Collage
Sculpture: Any Material, Mixed-Media
Crafts: Clay, Wood, Metal, Fiber, Paper, Other
Photography: Black and White, Color
Digital: Prints or photographs
But NOT reproductions of paintings or drawings

  • no Giclées
This list is meant to suggest all forms of creative art are acceptableQuestions on Original or Copy see below
The program is open to non-professional artists and crafts persons
Non-professional means an artist who makes art but not as their major source of income.  See below for more information.There’s more information and previous years winning artworks on the
Wisconsin Regional Art Program web page

Thank you so much for sharing your art with these very interested artists.

Original or Copy?
(Click here for a printable copy

Over the last few years, occasional incidents have occurred in which Artists and WRAP artists mistakenly believed that in converting a commercial artwork or published image—be it a magazine photo or copyrighted painting or drawing street photo of another artists work—into a different color scheme or a new medium (such as converting a photo to a pen and ink drawing), they were creating a new and original piece.

It’s easy to see how this happens. In many introductory art classes, students are encouraged to find an image they like—often a magazine photo, a postcard, or a page from a seed catalog, calendar, or art publication—and use it as their model. Sometimes the instructor provides a Xeroxed image from a similar source for the class to use. Unfortunately, there is seldom a follow-up discussion pointing out that the student’s completed artwork is not truly original in composition and would be a violation of copyright if offered for sale or exhibit. As a result, many new artists—who are delighted with their new-found skill in accurately rendering a published photo or copying a Monet—never really think about or comprehend plagiarism as it applies to art. Though you may love your finished piece and hang it on the wall, you should not exhibit it or sell it as an original.

We remind you of this for two reasons. First, artists who copy a commercial or published artwork and submit it to a WRAP competition / or any other exhibition gain an unfair advantage over other WRAP or other exhibitors: the skilled professional photographer or commercial artist whose work they have copied has done a lot of the hard work for them— choosing the topic, designing the composition, and selecting form, color and perspective. Second, WRAA and WRAP are put in a potentially awkward legal situation if we inadvertently reprint copies of professional copyrighted works in Contour Notes or other publications without appropriate permission.  This situation has prompted the WRAA Board to reword the description of “original” in our printed materials and WRAP application forms. The new description also will state that Giclées prints or other reproductions of the exhibitor’s own work will not be accepted as substitutes for the original in any WRAP show. Also, we are asking cover art competitors to state from what sources they drew their art. We will include a piece in future Contour Notes on the subject of “original” work. Just as you have always done in the past, you will be asked to sign a statement that your work is original when you submit a WRAP entry form. The revised statement, however, will be more explicit and will read in part as follows:

“If your artwork is a copy of a commercial photograph or of a work that is not your own
(such as from a magazine photo or illustration, postcard, calendar or seed catalog street photo of another artists work), you must have permission from the photographer or original artist. Please include a copy of that permission with your artwork.”

Remember, our concerns are with copies of commercial, professional, copyrighted photos and
Artwork – not snapshots of your brother’s trip to Yosemite, or your daughter’s pencil sketch. But
WRAP and the WRAA board and the Arts Mill are taking this issue very seriously and we expect our members to do the same.

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